Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising takes your message
to your prospective consumer.

Why Outdoor Advertising?

Have you ever driven down a highway that had no billboards staring at you? There is practically no successful ad campaign that has not included outdoor media in its communication mix. But why?

A perfect solution

In our era, life has become truly "mobile". More and more people are spending time away from home. How do you "talk" to them?

Outdoor advertising is the solution. It is, without question, THE way to reach people on-the-go. Outdoor advertising takes your message to the consumer, instead of waiting for the consumer to decide when (and if) he wants to receive it. Billboards have been extremely successful precisely because they let you take your product directly to the buyer, wherever he is: on his way to work, to the mall, to college, to the airport...

The continued success of outdoor advertising is assured by the fact that automobile traffic continues to grow year after year. Hundreds of thousands commute each day, covering thousands of miles annually. Outdoor advertising guarantees substantial exposure of your message.

Outdoor vis-à-vis other media

Unlike TV, radio or print, outdoor cannot be switched off, turned down or thrown away. Outdoor advertising form a part of people's environment. The advertisements linger in their minds long after they have turned the next lane.

Other outdoor benefits

Outdoor is being seen by a larger and larger audience - especially as people spend longer periods of time commuting. More time out of the home = more time in front of outdoor advertising.
Outdoor does not cater to any particular segment of society. Hence the most unlikely of person who you felt might not be a prospective customer could well end up buying your product.

Cost effectiveness

Last but not least, outdoor advertising is one of the cheapest ways of transmitting your message. The rate of renting outdoor space is comparatively low compared to producing and airing a television commercial. For a reasonable sum you can reach out to a great number of potential customers. Outdoor is, simply put, an extremely cost-effective medium.