Creative Tips

Keep your advertisement simple and to the point.
Use clear images and short sentences.

The first thing that any advertising has to do is to get itself noticed. But to get noticed, the message first has to be visible.

Here are some basic guidelines to help produce an effective poster.

  • Try and keep the advertisement simple and to the point
  • Use clear images and use as few words as possible
  • Choice of colour is important. Try using colours that contrast so that text can be viewed from a distance
  • If your text has to have more than one line, make sure they are not stacked right on top of each other
  • Using an image along with text is suggested, as the image attracts the eye, increasing the chances that the text will be read
  • Extending the image beyond the board also adds to the effect
  • Humour or wordplay can increase impact by creating a high level of involvement
  • Use of branding is very important for effective impact